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Important information regarding the Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Created: 2020.03.15 / Updated: 2020.03.15 18:11
      Important information regarding the Coronavirus (COVID-19)
       Important information regarding the Coronavirus (COVID-19)
      Important information regarding the Coronavirus (COVID-19)
      Important information regarding the Coronavirus (COVID-19)

      Quarantine on the territory of the Republic of Lithuania from 00:00 am 16 March to 12:00 pm 30 March 2020.

      Instructed by the Republic of Lithuania Law on Prevention and Control of Communicable Diseases in Humans Article 21 Paragraph 2 Point 1 and taking into account an unfavourable epidemiological situation due to Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) and the Motion of the Minister of Health, as well as the Recommendation of the Emergency Situation Commission of the Government of the Republic of Lithuania of 14 March 2020, the Government of the Republic of Lithuania d e c i d e s to:
      - Declare level three (full readiness) of preparedness of the civil protection system.
      -Declare quarantine on the whole territory of the Republic of Lithuania.
      -Approve the following quarantine regime:

      3.1. On movement across the border and inside the country:
      3.1.1. Prohibit arrival of foreigners in the Republic of Lithuania except drivers and members of crews in case of commercial and/or international carriage of goods and in cases where persons enjoy the right of residence in the Republic of Lithuania, persons enjoy privileges and immunities under the 1961 Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations and the 1963 Vienna Convention on Consular Relations, and persons serving in military units of NATO and NATO countries, their staff and members of their families.
      3.1.2. Border crossing shall be allowed at the following international border crossing points: Kalvarija–Budzisko, Saločiai–Grenctāle, Būtingė–Rucava, Smėlynė–Medume, Medininkai–Kamenyj Log, Raigardas–Privalka, Kybartai–Chernyshevskoe, Panemunė–Sovietsk, Vilnius, Kaunas, Palanga, Šiauliai airports, and the Klaipėda State Seaport.
      3.1.3. Transit of persons returning to their place of residence across the Territory of the Republic of Lithuania shall be allowed till 00:00 am 19 March on condition they cross without indispensable stop.
      3.1.4. Prohibit citizens of the Republic of Lithuania to leave the Republic of Lithuania except cases when they return to their places of residence, go to their work places, or have a permit of the Head of the State Border Guard Service under the Ministry of the Interior of the Republic of Lithuania or a person authorised by him.
      3.1.5. Movement of goods shall not be restricted.
      3.1.6. Intensity of passenger trips on regular intercity and suburban routes shall be limited. Only seating when passengers take seats at a distance of more than 1 metre shall be allowed. Special safety measures must be taken – disinfection of vehicles must be undertaken at initial and final stops of every route. This provision is recommended for carriage of passengers by public transport in cities as well.
      3.1.7. Entrance of cruise ships into the Klaipėda State Seaport is prohibited.

      3.2. Activities of public and private sectors:
      3.2.1. Work from home shall be ensured in state and municipal institutions of the public sector, in state-owned and municipal enterprises, except cases where certain functions must be fulfilled in working places. Necessary urgent functions must be fulfilled. The private sector is recommended to organise work in the same manner.
      3.2.2. Visits to and provision of physical contact services in culture, leisure, entertainment, and sports establishments shall be forbidden
      3.2.3. Activities in day and activity centres for children, people with disabilities and seniors shall be prohibited.
      3.2.4. All mass gatherings held in both open and closed spaces shall be prohibited.
      3.2.5. Activities in health service centres, sanatoria, and recreation centres, except personalised rehabilitation services related to treatment, shall be prohibited.
      3.2.6. Hotel and other premises used for isolation of persons shall be used on individual agreement between municipalities and providers of accommodation services.
      3.2.7. Activities of public catering establishments, restaurants, cafes, bars, night clubs, and other entertainment places, except when food is taken away or delivered to customers in other ways, shall be prohibited.
      3.2.8. Shops, except supermarkets and other shops selling food; trading and entertainment centres, except spaces where food, veterinary, pharmaceutical and optical products are sold; market places, except food stalls, shall be closed, with the exception of internet trade and cases when goods are delivered to customers.
      3.2.9. Provision of beauty services shall be prohibited.
      3.2.10. Gambling and slot machine saloons (casinos) shall be closed.
      3.2.11. Visits to prison inmates shall be prohibited.
      3.2.12. Payments with cash should be avoided.

      3.3. On organising work of education establishments
      Education and childcare services and school education services in all educational establishments, day and activity centres shall be suspended by organising remote learning instead.

      3.4. On organising work of health care establishments:
      3.4.1. Health care specialists, university and higher non-university school medical students, residents, and infrastructure shall be engaged irrespective of their subordination.
      3.4.2. Provision of stationary health care services: Reorganisation management of patient flows, infrastructure, material and human resources. Cancellation of planned operations, except provision of medical assistance and health care services non-provision of which would result in a need of emergency services or the state of a patient’s health would dramatically worsen. Cancellation of planned hospitalisations in cases of other diagnostic and treatment services. Prohibition of visits, except cases where patients are in a terminal state and children under 14 upon permission from a relevant doctor. Restriction of provision of medical rehabilitation services, except cases where non-provision of the services would result in a patient’s disability.
      3.4.3. Provision of outpatient health care services: Provision of services from a distance: prescribing medicine and medical products, consulting, issuing and extending sick leave, physician to physician consulting, ordering necessary medical tests, consulting a caregiver. Cancellation of planned consultations, diagnostic, prophylactic and treatment services, except medical assistance and services non-provision of which would result in a need of emergency services or the state of a patient’s health would dramatically worsen. Limited provision of home services, except outpatient care and palliative home care. Cancellation of outpatient medical rehabilitation services. Cancellation of prophylactic examination and prevention programmes. Reorganisation of planned vaccination by managing patient flows.
      3.4.4. Cancellation of dental services, except emergency cases.
      3.4.5. Reorganisation of pharmacy activities in order to avoid direct personal contact.
      3.4.6. Public health: Cancellation of measures aimed at strengthening public health and prevention of chronic non-communicable diseases; Cancellation of planned examinations aimed at control for public health safety; Cancellation of other dispensable public health measures.

      3.5. On organisation of work of social care establishments
      3.5.1. Visits to all establishments of stationary social care, family-type childcare facilities and community homes shall be prohibited;
      3.5.2. In other social care establishments, contacts with clients shall be allowed only in cases of necessity to provide indispensable social services.

      - Instruct the Head of the National Emergency Operations Centre to set concrete measures under the quarantine regime upon receipt of a proposal from a respective ministry concerning establishment of necessary quarantine measures.
      - Recommend all the religious communities active in Lithuania not to organise religious services in order to avoid mass gatherings.
      - The duration of the quarantine shall be from 00:00 am 16 March to 12:00 pm 30 March 2020.

      Prime Minister Saulius Skvernelis

      Minister of Health Aurelijus Veryga

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